2024 Cook Islands 3 Ounce Cyber Queen Rebirth Black Proof Silver Coin


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Coin Invest Trust at Art in Coins

Cyberpunk is a science fiction subgenre characterised by anti-heroes fighting against a system or oppressors in a dehumanised, high-tech dystopian future. The term Cyberpunk derives from a combination of the words “cybernetics”, the science of replacing human functions with computers and “punk”, the music style.

In the 1980s, the genre gained global popularity thanks to William Gibson’s novel Neuromancer and the cult film Blade Runner. Other films such as Robo-Cop and Judge Dredd were released soon after. Finally, The Matrix wound up being the most cyberpunk-influenced and successful film of its era.

Cyber Queen Rebirth, the death of a human being and her resurrection as a cyborg, captures the subculture spirit with its futuristic artwork, high relief strike, vibrant color and black proof finish.


Year: 2024
Quality: Color, Ultra High Relief
Denomination: 20 Dollars
Metal Content: 3 Troy Ounces (93.3 grams)
Purity: .9999 / 99.99%
Mintage: 999
Manufacturer: Coin Invest Trust
Diameter: 55 mm
Delivers With: Capsule, Window Box, Certificate of Authenticity