Aurum 1/10th Gram Gold Bar 24K Gold Note


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Valaurum at Art in Coins 
The 100mg Gold Bar Aurum® is a commemorative design, paying homage to the iconic, historical gold bars. The Aurum® is a convenient and modern way to collect and invest in 24k gold. Designed to be stacked or collected in bulk, this Aurum® is a timeless addition to any portfolio.

The gold within each “Gold Bar” Aurum® is visible throughout each note from edge-to-edge and is fully recoverable using standard fire assay techniques. This Aurum® is a single sided printed piece and has the characteristic “dimensional gold” embossed effect on the reverse where gold atoms have fallen on printed areas.

Artwork details:

This issue pays homage to traditional, historical gold bars. A large central “100” appears on the center of each bar above the words “D’Oro”. At the bottom of each note the issue year and weight is printed followed by a unique serial number.


Year: None
Denomination: None
Metal Content: 1/10th Gram
Alloy: Gold
Purity: .999 / 99.9%
Dimensions: 7 X 3 Inches
Manufacturer: Valaurum
Issuer: None