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2019 1 Ounce Allegories - Britannia & Germania Silver Round World Money Fair Edition

$65.00 CAD

Don't miss this limited edition 2019 BU Allegories - Columbia & Germania to mark the 49th World Money Fair, Berlin in 2020.  These exclusive coins have special commemorative and numbered packaging and are already completely sold out.

Reverse:  The first coin from the Allegories features a personifications of two historical lands: Britannia and Germania. On earlier coins Germania has preserved a laurel wreath with a shield. This time her sword rests at peace in a scabbard attached to her waist and she reaches out her hand in a sensitive gesture to Britannia. So far Lady Britannia was presented as a beautiful and thoughtful woman. On the new coin she is surrounded by her characteristic attributes – a Roman helmet with a plume, a shield and a trident, which refers to the former maritime power of her land. We can search for symbolism of these two Amazons in the historical context as well as in the current events…

Obverse: The crowned shield has been divided into four parts, from which each has a traditional meaning, precisely defined by heraldry.

In the top left corner of the crest there is the Germania Mint’s Bicephalous eagle – a Roman mythology symbol associated with Janus, the god of all origins, guardian of doors, gates, passages and bridges, the patron of contracts and alliances. Heads facing the opposite symbolize the past and the future.

Right upper corner is decorated with a check pattern that refers to wisdom and prudence – every good sovereign should be distinguished by these character traits.

On the left bottom corner of the shield there are three flowers on a gold ribbon. They hide three values determining a strong and independent nation – unity, integrity and freedom.

On the right bottom corner of the crest a wild boar appears – a very popular and respectful animal in Roman Empire, which is a symbol of mightiness and power. At least three famous Roman legions are known to have had a boar as their emblem – Legio I Italica, Legio X Fretensis and Legio XX Valeria Victrix.


Contains 1 oz of .9999 fine Silver.
Limited mintage of 500 pieces
Commemorative WMF 2020 packaging


Weight: 1 troy ounce
Quality:  BU
Purity: .9999
Denomination:  5 Marks
Manufacturer: Germania Mint
Diameter:  38.61 mm
Mint Capsule, Limited Edition World Money Fair Packaging