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2018 Tokelau 1 Ounce Lady of Fortune Colored Silver Proof Coin Set

$185.00 CAD

The Lady Fortuna is said to be the Goddess of chance, luck and fate and she was very popular in Ancient times. She is often seen carrying a cornucopia, also called Horn Of Plenty with unlimited amounts of riches pouring out of it.

Goddess Fortuna was also known as “Fortuna Primigenia”, meaning “the first mother”. She ruled the wheel of fortune and when she spun the wheel no one knew ahead of time where they would “drop” and their luck could change for the better or worse.

This is the third coin in the series and it takes a more modern approach in its design to the previous issues. Here Fortuna is seen with flowing hair and the wheel of fortune forms an ornament in her hair from which gold coins flow down onto her shoulder representing the cornucopia. Surrounding the central image, in stunning proof quality are decorative design elements and the lettering ‘Rota Fortuna’ meaning the Wheel of Fortune and ‘Fortuna Venit’ meaning may fortune come.

The coin is struck from 1oz .999 fine silver with highlights in color and features the stunning diamond-esque shape first introduced by Tokelau on the 2014 Lady of Fortune coins.

The lady of fortune coins are beautifully presented in a wooden case, with a removable inner display panel to showcase the coin. A numbered certificate accompanies each coin, fitting snugly inside the case lid.


Year: 2018
Grade: Colored Proof
Denomination: $1 NZD
Metal Content: 1 Troy Ounce
Purity: .999
Mintage: 500
Issuer: Tokelau
Dimensions: 40 mm X 40 mm
Mint Capsule, Presentation Box, Certificate