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2017 Tokelau 1/2 Gram Myth and Legend Poseidon .9999 Gold Proof Coin

$90.00 CAD

Poseidon was god of the sea, earthquakes, storms and horses. He was the protector of all waters and sailors relied on him for safe passage. He carried a trident and was said to be able to cause an earthquake by tapping it on the ground. His primary means of transport was a chariot pulled by magnificent horses. He was father to Pegasus whom he conceived with Medusa, who was hideously cursed by Athena because she married Poseidon.

This striking design shows Poseidon in all his glory riding, trident raised and emerging from the waves in a chariot pulled by two magnificent horses.


    Year: 2018
    Grade: Proof
    Denomination: $5 NZD
    Metal Content: 1/2 Gram
    Purity: .9999
    Mintage: 1,000
    Issuer: Tokelau
    Diameter: 11 mm
    Mint Capsule, Certificate