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2018 Cook Islands 1 Ounce Magnificent Life Red Eyed Tree Frog Colored Proof Silver Coin

$170.00 CAD
Coin Invest Trust

Red-eyed treefrogs are one of the most charismatic rainforest species and embody the neo-tropical ecosystem on a multitude of company logos, hotels, nature reserves and more. Surprisingly, however, the ornately colored frog species is a master at disguise and presents a tough challenge to seek out in the wild. During the day the frogs hide their colorful legs, feet and eyes and crouch down to perfectly blend in with the surrounding green foliage.

The latest addition to the Magnificent Life series portrays an alert frog showcasing its vibrant colors. A glossy treatment gives the frog a natural wet-look. Typical for the series the critter stands out from the concave background that illustrates a Monstera jungle leaf. Shiny proof surfaces in the leaf’s gaps add to the coins exquisite play of color and shine.


Magnificent Life Series
Year: 2018
Quality: Proof
Denomination: $5
Metal Content: 1 Troy Ounces
Purity: .999
Mintage: 999
Issuer: Cook Islands
Diameter: 38.61 mm
Mint Capsule, Presentation Box, Certificate of Authenticity