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2017 Samoa 1 Ounce Shades of Space Milky Way Galaxy Silver Coin Set

$135.00 CAD

This fascinating coin depicts a beautiful image of the Milky Way Galaxy. As a special feature, this coin has a chromatic colour application. The print is directly on the silver surface without white printed basement which gives the colour a brilliant, metallic effect. In addition, some of the stars are omitted and so the base metal shines through. Combining data from three great NASA Observatories, we see from observatory Chandra the blue and violet X-rays, from Hubble the yellow spectrums and from Spitzer another space telescope are the red data.  It is a unique collaboration of these three observations using infrared light and x-ray light to see through the dust revealing the intense activity near the galactic core. This piece presents the most exceptional image of our galaxy ever offered on a collector coin.


Year: 2017
Issuer: Samoa
Alloy:  Silver
Denomination: 5 Dollars
Weight: 1 Troy Ounce
Dimensions: 32 X 66mm
Condition: Proof Like, Colored
Mintage: 2,000
Presentation Box, Capsule and Certificate of Authenticity