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2016 Niue 2 Ounce Bjorn Ironside The Viking Warrior High Relief Silver Coin Set

$210.00 CAD

Coin Highlights:

Contains 2 oz of .999 fine Silver.

Arrives in a round wooden display box designed with a Norse carving with Fjorn's name in Runic and is surrounded by the Runic alphabet.

Obverse: Displays the Raphael Maklouf likeness of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II surrounded by the weight, purity and face value.

Reverse: Björn's depiction on the coin is based upon the historical account of his sacking of the town of Luna, Italy, which legend says he believed to be Rome at the time. Unable to breach the town walls by force, Björn sent messengers to the resident Bishop of Luna who announced (lied about) Björn's death and last request for a deathbed conversion, and the desire to be buried on consecrated ground within the church. The Bishop, agreeing to Björn's request, permitted Björn's "dead" body entry into the chapel with a small honor guard. To the amazement of the Italian clerics and others in attendance, Björn surprised the crowd by bursting from his "coffin" and fighting his way to the town gates to win their eventual freedom, allowing his army entrance to Luna and its riches.”

Edge: Laser etched serial number, from 1 to 1,999, matches the serial number found on the included certificate of authenticity.

Guaranteed by the Scottsdale Mint.


    Björn Ironside, the son of legendary Viking warrior and King, Ragnar of Lothbrok, is remembered as being a fierce warrior, powerful Viking chieftain and naval commander. Upon Ragnar's death, Norse legend indicates (although disputed by many) that Björn inherited the lands that comprise much of Sweden and Uppsala, becoming the first King of the Munso Dynasty. One of Björn's more notable legendary exploits included having raided France in 860 with his brother Hastein in a continuation of the tradition initiated by their father Ragnar Lothbrok. In 860, Björn led a large Viking raid down the Iberian coast, fought their way through Gibraltar, pillaged the south of France, and ultimately landed in Italy and captured the coastal city of Pisa.

    Scottsdale Mint first released the 15-Coin Vikings: Gods, Kings and Warriors series in 2015. Each Silver coin in this Vikings Series depicts a famous Viking god, king or warrior. This 15-coin series will include: Odin, Ragnar, King Cnut, Thor, Harald Fair, Bjorn Ironside, Loki, Tyr, Freya, Ivar the Boneless, Eric BloodAxe, Harald Hardrada, Egil Skallagrimsson, Freydís Eiríksdóttir and Gudfred. Collectors will recognize Scottsdale's effort in creating a Viking coin series that is not only exquisitely crafted in stunning detail, but one that is historically accurate and pays homage to the Norse culture.


    Country : Niue
    Face value : 2 Dollars
    Metal : Silver .999
    Weight : 2 oz
    Size : 38.7 mm
    Quality : High Relief, Antique Finish
    Mintage : 1,999 Worldwide 
    Deluxe Wood Presentation Box, Certificate of Authenticity