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2016 Cook Islands 10 Ounce St. Peters Basilica Alabaster Window Silver Coin

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This marvel of coin craftsmanship is dedicated to the Alabaster Window in the St. Peters Basilica.  It features 10 Ounces of pure .999 silver and a genuine stained glass insert in the likeness of the window that sits behind the "Cathedra Petri" or "Throne of Peter.  


The St. Peters throne takes up the whole space in the front of the basilica and is centered around an amber stained glass window. At the center of this window is a white dove which symbolizes the Holy Spirit, hence the title “Dove of the Holy Spirit”. The time period in which it was constructed, its oval shape, and the manipulation of light identify the window as Baroque.

The dove, from wing tip to wing tip, is six feet wide, which puts into perspective the colossal size of the whole sculpture. The light rays shift from brighter to darker as they move away from the dove, thus illustrating God the Holy Spirit as the source of light. The brightness alternates between light and dark with each division between the amber light rays around the dove, thereby accentuating each individual beam of light without bringing too much attention to any single one. The light rays are further accentuated by their continuation within the bronze sculpture; around the window is a plethora of angels on clouds, but beyond the angles, the light rays of the window continue in bronze form. From this we can tell that Bernini designed the sculpture and the window as a single, unified work. Interestingly, this stained glass window is not actually made of glass, but rather alabaster, a naturally translucent stone. The exact time the window was completed is uncertain, though most sources place it around 1660.


Year: 2016
Masterpieces of Crafts - Giant Windows Series
Grade: Proof Like
Denomination: $40
Metal Content: 10 Ounces
Purity: .999
Mintage: 999
Issuer: Cook Islands
Diameter: 100 mm
Genuine Stained Glass Insert, Luxury Presentation Box, Certificate