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2015 Majestic Silver Treasures 3 Coin Silver Set - Eagle, Elephant & Panda

$280.00 CAD

A most opulent 3 coin collector set with a mintage of only 1,000 units worldwide. Breathtakingly beautiful adorned coins with lighted luxury presentation box. Three individual LED lamps allow this three coin set to reveal its true beauty. Finished with precious metals like Ruthenium, Platinum, Gold and Rhodium together with crushed diamonds and ultra violet color effects make this coin set a unique treasure and a highly sought after piece to add to any collection. Truly one of a kind craftsmanship and design.


Year: 2015
Issuer: US Mint, China Gold Coin Corp, Republic of Somalia
Weight: 3 X 1 Troy Ounce
2015 1 Ounce Chinese Panda
2015 1 Ounce Somalian Elephant
2015 1 Ounce Silver Eagle
Diameter: Varies
Condition: Brilliant Uncirculated
Mintage: 1000
Mint Capsules, Luxury Lighted Presentation Box and Certificate