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2014 Gabon 5 X 1 Ounce Pave Crystal African Springbok Silver Proof Coin Set

$1,100.00 CAD

Pavè is a setting technique for small gem stones in which the stones are set so closely together that no metal shows. A pave surface appears to be paved with gem stones. The Springbok is a symbol for African coinage first to be minted on the famous Kruger Rand. 


104 Czech Crystals processed in each coin
502 Czech Crystals processed in each set
519,480 Czech Crystals processed in the whole mintage

More than half a million Czech crystals were needed to complete this amazing coin collection. For each coin a Jeweler has to work 1 ½ hours to insert all 104 crystals with the Pave technique. This means one Jeweler would have to work on the whole mintage for almost 7.500 hours. This is almost one year working without sleep or having a break.

The 5 coin Springbok set is a new milestone in the Pavé coin history. The complete presentation of the set is breathtaking and sets new standards with regards to beauty, craftsmanship and desirability.

The Olympic rings are well known all over the world. But there is also a meaning behind the colors of these rings. Each ring and each color stands for a continent.

Blue = Europe
Yellow = Asia
Black = Africa
Green = Australia
Red = America

The Pave Springbok set is stylized in these colors in recognition of the history and tradition of the Olympic Games.


Year: 2014
Issuer: Gabon
Weight: 5 X 1 Troy Ounce + 5 Grams Pavé Crystals
(Emerald, Jet, Light Siam, Sapphire, Topaz)
Partially Gold Plated
Diameter: 40 mm
Condition: Proof
Reverse: Coat of Arms
Obverse: African Springbok
Mintage: 999
Special Features: Three Dimensional Pavé Springbok Coins / Partly Gold Plated
Luxury Lacquer Presentation Box