2023 Germania 10 Ounce Allegories Galia & Germania BU Silver Round


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Germania Mint at Art in Coins

Galia and Germania is the sixth and final coin in the smash Allegories series with the 2023 issue symbolising victory over occupying forces. The reverse features the personifications of Galia and Germania, shown as young and beautiful women. They stand together, swords sheathed after battle, joining their hands as a sign of victory.

In the artistic vision of Allegories, Galia is clad in a Roman breastplate and sandals that indicate the intermingling of cultures, enforced by the need to cooperate with the occupying power. In her hand she wields a Gaulish spear and on her head is a distinctive Gaulish diadem with wings.

Germania’s head is adorned with an oak branch – a tree that has accompanied her since the beginning of the series. In her hand, she holds a shield with the image of a two-headed eagle.

The obverse again displays the concept of the Germania coat of arms that represents moral principles and noble values.

The crowned shield has been divided into four parts, from which each has a traditional meaning, precisely defined by heraldry. The shield itself is a symbol of truth, loyalty and trust. The crown equals authority and nobility as well as chivalry.

Germania Mint’s visualisation of the Bicephalous eagle – a Roman mythology symbol associated with Janus, god of all origins, guardian of doors, gates, passages and bridges, patron of contracts and alliances. Heads facing opposite sides symbolize the past and the future.

The Coat of Arms is surrounded by the wreath of oak leaves. Wreath symbolizes loyalty, stability and national unity. In Mythology and ancient times only people who wielded enormous power – spirit, muscle or magic – were allowed to wear it.

All Germania Mint coins are certified. The COA included in each set provides all the necessary information and guarantees the coins mintage and purity.


Series: Allegories
Year: 2023
Quality: Brilliant Uncirculated
Denomination: 50 Marks
Metal Content: 10 Troy Ounces (311 Grams)
Purity: .9999 / 99.99%
Manufacturer: Germania Mint
Mintage: 250
Diameter: 38.61 mm
Delivers With: Capsule, Thematic Blisterpak, Certificate of Authenticity