2021 Aurum 1 Gram American Bison 24K Gold Note


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Valaurum at Art in Coins

Valaurum’s 1 Gram American Bison Aurum® is modernizing the way investors are able to collect and store 24k gold. This release features a striking image of an American Bison in full color.

Each note is printed with a unique serial number for easy authentication. Additionally,
secure micro-patterning is embedded throughout the artwork.

Designed to be stacked or collected in bulk, each note contains precisely 1000 milligrams (1 gram) of 24k gold protected between layers of durable polymer. The gold within each Aurum® is visible from edge-to-edge and is fully recoverable using standard fire assay techniques.

Artwork details:

A large, full color bison stands proudly in the center of this note. “Made in the United States of America” is printed boldly across the top followed by “One thousand Milligrams” at the feet of the bison. The gold weight and purity are listed in the corners. Each Aurum® includes a serial number in addition to the Aurum® logo. Where gold atoms fall on unprinted areas the gold retains a mirror-like shine while gold applied to printed areas display a matte finish.


Year: 2021
Denomination: None
Metal Content: 1 Gram
Alloy: Gold
Purity: .999 / 99.9%
Dimensions: 7 X 3 Inches
Manufacturer: Valaurum