2021 Aurum 1/10th Gram Freedom 24K Gold Note


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Valaurum’s 100 miligram Freedom Aurum® 24K gold note celebrates the iconic Statue of Freedom located on the National Capitol Dome.  This issue incorporates high-tech printed security features within traditional monetary imagery for a note that is both contemporary and collectible.

The Freedom Aurum® is a timeless addition to any portfolio and is ideal for stacking or collecting in bulk.  The gold within each Aurum® is visible throughout each note from edge-to-edge and is fully recoverable using standard fire assay techniques.

Freedom is a single sided printed piece and has the characteristic “dimensional gold” embossed effect on the reverse where gold atoms have fallen on printed areas.

Artwork details:

Facing the rising sun, the Statue of Freedom is shown in three aspects: a full depiction, the statue in profile, and a close detail of the left hand holding the “wreath of victory”.  Radial linework symbolizes rays of light as they radiate from the right side of the note.

A ring of stars surrounds the wreath while acanthus leaves border the bill and incorporate printed security elements while the word “freedom” is depicted boldly across the top of the note.


Manufacturer: Valaurum
Year: 2021
Denomination: None
Alloy: Gold
Purity: .999 / 99.9%
Metal Content: 100 Milligrams
Dimensions: 7 X 3 inches