2020 Niue 2 Ounce Chinese Legends Nine Dragons Ultra High Relief Antique Finish Silver Coin


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This 2 ounce silver coin is part of the new “Chinese legends” Series and is dedicated to the story of the “Nine dragons”. This stunning numismatic features a genuine Mother of Pearl insert, incredible depth “3D High Relief” and it delivers in a elegant box with the Certificate of Authenticity.

Each coin is engraved on the edge by its individual serial number, ensuring its authenticity.


Genuine Mother of pearl inlay
Rich, hand made Antique Finish
Struck in 3D Ultra High Relief
Serial number engraved on the edge


The nine sons of the dragon are Chinese dragons who are the mythological sons of the Dragon King. There are many variations in the different descriptions of the nine sons, including in basic facts like their names, but all versions state that there are nine.

The oldest known attestation of the children of the dragon list is found in the Shuyuan zaji (菽園雜記, Miscellaneous records from the bean garden) by Lu Rong (1436–1494); however, he noted that the list enumerates mere synonyms of various antiques, not children of a dragon.

Several Ming Dynasty texts list what were claimed as the Nine Offspring of the Dragon (Chinese: 龍生九子; pinyin: Lóng shēng jiǔzǐ), and subsequently these feature prominently in popular Chinese stories and writings. de Visser (1913, pp. 101–102), quoting Xie Zhaozhe (謝肇淛, 1567–1624) in his work Wu Za Zu (五雜俎, ca. 1592) gives the following listing in order of oldest to youngest:

A well-known work of the end of the sixteenth century, the Wuzazu 五雜俎, informs us about the nine different young of the dragon, whose shapes are used as ornaments according to their nature.


Chinese Legends Series
Year: 2020
Quality: Ultra High Relief, Antique Finish
Denomination:  5 Dollars
Metal Content: 2 Troy Ounces (62.2 Grams)
Purity: .999
Mintage: 200
Manufacturer: Art-Mint
Diameter: 50 mm
Capsule, Luxury Presentation Box, Certificate of Authenticity