2020 Democratic Congo 1 Ounce Predators Scorpion Silver Coin


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This second issue of the Predators series portrays the predatory arachnid scorpion. They are survivalists that can live in harsh and scarce environments by slowing down the metabolism, due to this they are able to survive without food for one whole year.

All scorpions have a venomous stinger used for hunting and self-defence, however only a few species are an actual threat to humans. Especially interesting is the fact that scorpions are able to adjust their venom to suit different predators and prey.

The coin features four different minting techniques: The stinger is done in incuse minting and reverse proof, the scorpion and sand are done in matte finish, and the background in mirrored proof.


Year: 2020
Quality:  Brilliant Uncirculated
Denomination: 20 Francs
Metal Content: 1  Ounce
Purity: .999
Issuer: Democratic Republic Of Congo
Diameter: 38.6 mm
Mint capsule