2019 Korea 1 Ounce Chiwoo Cheonwang Silver Proof Round


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KOMSCO at Art in Coins

The Chiwoo Cheonwang series is compromised of images that represent a timeline of well known stories about this legendary warrior. 

The first release in 2016 presented Chiwoo holding a spear and shield ready for war.

The second release in 2017 showed that Chiwoo was drawn in full array on horseback before charging into battlefield.

The third release in 2018 expressed Chiwoo wielding a sword atop his mighty warhorse on the battlefield.

The fourth release in 2019 features Chiwoo observing battlefield and stand resolute for the next battle.


The reverse displays Chiwoo standing in the middle of a dry mountain, observing the once fierce battlefield. The longing for the next victorious battle emerges from his vigorous spirit.

The main theme of the obverse depicts “Gwi-myeon-wa (Yong-meon-wa)”, a root tile from Silla Dynasty that features a face of “Do ggae bi”, a supernatural creature that protects people from evil spirits.

The Inscription of the obverse, “CLAY” Is a new concept of measurement which represents the weight and quantity. Thus the definition of “1 Clay” is “’1 Piece of 1 Troy oz” This expression of “Clay” comes from the meaning of materials of earth and dirt that make up “Gwi-myeon-wa (Yong-meon-wa)”.


Manufacturer: KOMSCO
Alloy:  Silver
Denomination:  1 Clay
Weight: 1 Troy Ounce
Purity:  .999
Mintage: 1,500
Diameter:  40 mm
Mint Capsule, Display Box, Certificate of Authenticity