Art in Coins - About us

Founded in 2010 and re-branded around our luxury collector coins in 2017, we are a boutique dealer of some of the most exciting and exclusive collectibles produced today.  We specialize in high tech, low mintage gold and silver coins sourced from renowned manufacturers worldwide.

New to Art in Coins?  Reservations transacting with an unknown dealer?  If you would like additional information regarding our online reputation, you can find us on eBay, profile artincoins.  We maintain 100% buyer feedback and work very hard to ensure complete satisfaction with all purchases.  Our promise to you is to meet and exceed our already perfect sales history.

In addition to our passion for modern collector coins, Art in Coins is also dedicated to furthering education and awareness of sound money principles. While any investment entails risk, we believe that physical precious metals stored outside of the banking system remains the best means of wealth preservation and insurance against severe economic stress or disruptive geopolitical events. The links provided below offer industry leader insights into all facets of risk and reward potential when diversifying into gold, silver and other precious metals.

Member:  ANA American Numismatic Association

American Numismatic Association

Audio/Video Broadcasts:

McAlvany Weekly Commentary Radio
Jay Taylor's Turning Hard Times Into Good Times
King World News - Broadcast
Peak Prosperity - Featured Voices
How It's Made TV Series - Silver
Peter Schifff  Radio - Economics Podcast


Hidden Secrets Of Money - Video Series
Peak Prosperity - The Crash Course
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee
Mises Institute - What is Austrian Economics?

GoldMoney, Online Gold Denominated Savings & Payment Network: