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2019 Palau 1/2 Gram Golden Dragon Egg Sculptured .9999 Proof Gold Coin
$95.00 CAD
In Stock - Shipping Now The charming coins of the Golden Egg series are popular collector and gifting items.  Now on their fourth issue, the Dragon Egg succeeds the elegant blue...
2020 Canada 1 Gram Lucky Flower Dragon .9999 Gold Proof Coin
$145.00 CAD
In Stock - Now Shipping Celebrate the New Year with a Lunar Lucky Dragon gold coin. In the Chinese folktale “The Flower Dragon,” the Golden Dragon’s heart warms to a poor...
2020 Australia 2 Ounce Figure 8 Dragon & Phoenix Antique Finish Silver Coin
$190.00 CAD
Pre-Order Item Availability: March In Chinese culture, the dragon is revered as a divine creature and potent symbol of power, strength, wealth and fortune. The phoenix is an immortal bird whose...
2020 Cameroon 3 Ounce Apocalypse St. Michael & the Dragon High Relief Silver Coin
$375.00 CAD
Pre-Order Item Availability: April The Apocalypse of Saint John (Book of Revelation) tells us that the Archangel Michael, after overcoming the rebel angels, slays the dragon.  The legendary scene is captured...
2019 Niue 2 Ounce Norse Dragon Jormungandr High Relief Antique Finish .999 Silver Coin
$430.00 CAD
In Stock - Now Shipping We are thrilled to offer the second issue in the Niue Dragon series, and it's every bit as beautiful and intricate as the first release. This...
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