2016 Benin 3 Ounce Space Phenomena Supernova Colored Silver Coin Set
$260.00 CAD $310.00 CAD
In Stock - Shipping Now This gorgeous 3 Ounce .999 pure silver coin is stylized after perhaps the most violent of celestial events known, the Supernova.  It features a colored application in...
2016 Chad 2 Ounce Horus Egyptian Relic Silver Proof Antique Finish Coin
Sold Out
In Stock - Shipping Now Scottsdale Mint used their high-quality minting techniques and rimless design, on a remarkable 4.75 mm thick coin, to replicate a hand-carved Egyptian relic. Horus is...
2016 Chad 5 Ounce Brenham Meteorite High Relief Silver Coin Set
Sold Out
This gorgeous 5 ounce silver coin is the second issue in the “Meteorite Art” series and features a genuine Brenham meteorite insert, cut and polished to showcase its beautiful structure. The coin...
2016 Chad 5 Ounce King Tut Egyptian Relic Series Silver Proof Coin Set
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In Stock - Shipping Now King Tutankhamen, the boy pharaoh, is one of the most popular and intriguing Egyptian rulers. Scottsdale Mint used their high-quality minting techniques and rimless design,...
2016 Congo 1 Ounce Silverback Gorilla Colored Silver Coin
Sold Out
This is the colorized version of the second coin released by the Scottsdale Mint in their the Congo Silverback Gorilla series.  These coins have a limited mintage, which further adds...
2016 Gabon 7 X 1/2 Gram Anniversary Edition .99999 Gold Platinum Proof Coin Set
$1,100.00 CAD
In Stock - Now Shipping Art in Coins is thrilled to offer the stunning and hard to find 2016 Gabon Anniversary Edition Gold Platinum Coin Collection.   This set is comprised...
2016 Ivory Coast 2 Ounce Ultraviolet Landmarks At Night Taj Mahal Silver Coin Set
Sold Out
We are currently sold out of the Taj Mahal but a few pieces remain in back stock at the mint. Please contact if you would like us to make a...
2016 Ivory Coast 5 Ounce Big 5 Lion High Relief Silver Proof Coin Set
Sold Out
An absolutely amazing partially hand fabricated high relief minting by Mauquoy Mint in Belgium Features:RimlessAntique Finish5 ounces .999 fine silverSerial Number engraved on outer diameterFantastic thematic presentation packaging In 1875 the engraver Maarten...
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