2018 Somalia African Wildlife Elephant 20 X 1/2 Gram .9999 Gold Proof Coin Collection
Sold Out
Majestic and imposing, this large and luxurious coin set can only be described as unparalleled. The venerable Somalia Elephant is released each year with a new theme, and this set features...
2018 Tanzania 1/2 Gram Death's Head Hawkmoth .9999 Gold Proof Coin
$80.00 CAD $90.00 CAD
In Stock - Shipping Now Few animals portray the fleeting nature and fragility of life like the Death’s Head Hawkmoth. The graceful flyer with the iconic death’s head pattern on...
2019 African Pride 13 Nation 13 X 1/2 Gram .9999 Gold Proof Coin Collection
$1,350.00 CAD $1,600.00 CAD
In Stock - Last one! Presenting the highly anticipated 2019 edition of the immensely popular African Pride Gold Proof Collection Series. This issue adds two new countries and 2 gold coins over...
2020 African Pride 14 Nation 7 X 1/2 Gram .9999 Gold Proof Coin Collection
$950.00 CAD
Pre-Order Item Availability: August Presenting the 2020 Edition of African Pride - The Cradle of Humankind: What Charles Darwin already assumed in 1871, was proven in 1924, when the oldest human...
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