• Mar 22, 2022
  • by Michael Z

Time again for some fresh product annoucements plus some exciting news that Art in Coins has recently partnered with Le Grand Mint of Germany.  We will be presenting our first two offerings from this new relationship plus some other exciting coins we have on the way throughout 2022.

As always, happy and healthy collecting,

Art in Coins

2022 Samoa 3 X 1 Ounce Golden Insect 3D Shaped Silver Proof Coin Collection



This premium 3 X 1 Ounce Silver Proof Coin set and 2nd in the Golden Insects series features another three of the most beneficial and fragile species.  The featured insects, Ant, Dragonfly & Grasshopper have each been minted with life-like 3D shape technology and then further plated in 24K pure gold.

Anticipated shipping:  May

2022 Australia 10 Ounce Jewelled Koi Pave Diamond Gold Proof Coin


Art in Coins is thrilled to present The Jewelled Koi, an exceptional collectible showcasing rare and spectacular treasures from two Western Australian icons – Argyle Pink Diamonds and The Perth Mint.

Struck from 10oz of 99.99% pure gold in proof quality, the coin is mounted with three-dimensional figures of two Japanese Koi.  The 18-carat Rose Gold upper fish is pave-set with 78 pink diamonds from the Argyle mine, while the lower 18-carat White Gold fish is pave-set with 80 white diamonds.

Four additional Argyle golden diamonds represent the eyes of the fish.

Anticipated shipping:  Minted to order

2022 Niue 2 Ounce Machu Picchu Lost World Cities High Relief Silver Coin


This beautifully crafted silver coin is part of the Lost World Cities series from Niue and is dedicated to the mysterious Incan City, Machu Picchu.   It's two ounces of .999 pure silver struck in high relief and now partially gilded to further show off the fine details.
Anticipated shipping:  April

2022 Niue 2 Ounce Algorithm Emotions & Liberty Fortress High Relief Silver Proof Coins


These are our first two beautifully design silver proof coins from Le Grand Mint...   Suspect it's going to be a long and successful partnership with this premium manufacturer  :-)   Both coins have an expected ship date in early June.
Anticipated shipping:  June

2023 Burundi 2 Ounce Year of the Rabbit Jade Inlay Silver Proof-like Coinins


Struck from two ounces of pure silver, this legal tender issue of Burundi is sure to be a collectors favorite thanks to its realistic depiction of field rabbits at play.  At 55 mm in diameter, the coin is large enough to highlight several key design points.  First, on the reverse is the elaborately carved genuine jadestone inset alongside a 24K gold plated privy mark.
Anticipated shipping:  June