• May 23, 2022
  • by Michael Z
This is our final newsletter for May with exciting new issues that are coming soon to Art in Coins.  We are collecting early customer interest in the first edition of the Germania Hildegard Valkyries series, the 1 Ounce BU.  Please inform of your desired quantities no later than Weds the 25th.  It's important to note that our ability to offer the premium versions is very dependant on our order size of the first release. 

You can find our entire lineup of coming soon products here:

As always, happy and healthy collecting,

Art in Coins

2022 Germania 1 Ounce Valkyries Hildegard 5 Mark BU Silver Round

Accepting reservations until May 25th:

We're pleased to introduce Hildegard, the first coin of five in the new Valkyries series from Germania Mint.   Hildegard launches a collection of Germanic Goddesses – beautiful and warrior virgins, daughters of Odin. 
Anticipated shipping:  July

2021 Korea 1 Ounce Korean Tiger .999 Silver Proof Round 


Pre-order item:

The Republic of Korea, KOMSCO and Art in Coins are pleased to offer this 1 oz proof release of their Silver Korean Tiger medallion series. Their 2021 .999 silver 1 oz South Korean Tiger bullion round is absolutely amazing.

Anticipated shipping:  July

2022 Niue 50 Gram Dark Nature Tiger Vintage Print High Relief Silver Coin



Following the incredible success of Dark Beauties, Helevetic mint launches their new low mintage Dark Nature series that is again dedicated to the incredibly detailed fantasy illustrations by respected artist Christopher Lovell.

Anticipated shipping:  June

2022 Palau 3 Ounce Baby Cyborg Revolution Black Proof Silver Coin


Email for waiting list:

Cyborgs and robots, always popular science fiction themes...   We present this 3 oz .999 pure silver coin that depicts a Cyborg Baby curled up in it's mechanical womb.  This is the second release in an exciting series from Palau, titled Cyborg Revolution.

Anticipated shipping:  TBA

2022 Solomon Islands 1 Ounce Animals of Africa Black Rhino Shaped Silver Coin


Just arrived:

Pamp Suisse and Solomon Islands bring you "The Animals of Africa Series", with their final release, the "Black Rhino".  This coin is once again dedicated to one of the most majestic creatures in the Animal Kingdom. 

Now shipping

2022 Solomon Islands 2 Ounce Statue of Liberty Color Proof-like Silver Coin



This sharply designed, shape minted and vibrantly colored 2 oz 999.9 silver legal tender coin is the second coin in the America the Free series from PAMP Suisse and Solomon Islands.

Anticipated shipping:  Early June