• Apr 13, 2021
  • by Michael Z
2019 Democratic Congo 2 Ounce Spirit Coins - Cognac Gold Coin
2018 Barbados 2 Ounce Spirit Coins - Rum Gold Coin


We are pleased to announce an Art in Coins exclusive offer for the unique and truly beautiful Spirit Cognac and Spirit Rum Gold Coins.

The elusive spirit of the old days enchanted in a precious metal. Sounds like a fairy tale, but it’s actually a tangible commodity. Centuries-old alcoholic beverages have been hidden in an edition of collectible gold coins.

The Spirit Coins are 3 unique collector’s items: Whisky Coin, Rum Coin and Cognac Coin. For the first time in the world two shades of rarity have been merged – the most valuable, vintage liquors of the world and the precious metal of the highest available fineness. The world’s oldest spirits find their way to the hearts of exceptional coins.

The Spirit Coins project is a work of experts from Wealth Solutions, co-created with top mints in the world. Each and every coin variant is a phenomenon weighing 2 ounces, with a limited mintage of maximum 300 pieces. A masterpiece of goldsmithery made from the ore of the highest possible purity and a capsule of centuries-old liquor smelted within. A unique object on the market of collectible goods.

Spirit Coins are not only about securing segments of the family fortune for future generations. It is an investment in the rarity of the highest fineness.

Poland Mint at Art in Coins

Cognac Coin - Cognac Gautier

La Maison Gautier, more commonly known as Cognac Gautier, is a French cognac distillery. It is part of the Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits group. Founded in 1755, it is one of the oldest French cognac manufacturers.

The cellars of Maison Gautier were established in an old water mill in Charente, when the family obtained a royal charter to produce cognac and a founding charter signed by King Louis XV.

Rum Coin - Harewood Rum 1780

This rum, the oldest known, originates from the cellars of Harewood House, Leeds.  It was distilled in 1780, and formed part of a much larger collection that originated from the family’s historical plantation holdings in Barbados. The bottles had been shipped to the UK in the early 19th century and these last, unconsumed bottles had remained there untouched, until 2013. Sixteen bottles of The Harewood Rum were featured in the London sale of Christie’s Fine and Rare Wines and Spirits on 11 December 2014.