• Feb 01, 2019
  • by AIC The Coin Blogger

2019 Palau 1 Kilogram Tiffany Art Angkor Temple Antique Finish Silver Coin

2019 Palau 2 Ounce Tiffany Art Khmer Temple Antique Finish Silver Coin

The Tiffany Art collection is undoubtedly one of the most successful modern coin series in the world with five awards to its name and numerous spin-off series attempting to imitate the exceptional mix of minting perfection and aesthetics. 

This is the 2019 issue in the heralded Tiffany Art Series, once again delivering with an intricately detailed design. The 2019 issue presents the Cambodian Khmer architecture of Angkor. The temples, which are slowly being reclaimed by nature feature a more organic and less geometric design than many of the western issues of the past. Aerial jungle roots drape over the Tiffany glass to illustrate this fascinating process.  

Available now in pre-sale, act fast as we expect our small allocation to sell out quickly.