• Oct 21, 2017
  • by AIC The Coin Blogger
Our primary mission is to help connect serious collectors with the most luxurious gold and silver coins produced today. Stay tuned as we expand our supplier relationships, offering a broader selection of these world class collectibles.

#2 is our desire to provide the most pleasurable and confidence building buying experience possible. While we employ a variety of automated notifications in our shopping and checkout process, we take great pride in also providing direct and personal communications as well. We want to assure our customers there is always a live person on the other side of the transaction, someone attentive and extremely
responsive for whatever their needs or concerns.

Our third tenant of existence... shipping. We hate the wait! We know all to well that once that order is placed, the hardest part of the deal is the time it takes for those shiny pieces of joy to arrive at our doorstep. We aim to ship within hours, not days or weeks. Except for our pre-sale listings we never, ever, sell out of stock so you can rest assured that your purchase will be processed in a timely manner, guaranteed.

Finally, price. Being a small and recent upstart in the industry, we strive to be very competitive in our pricing. For Art in Coins' core products, like our contemporary high end collector sets; we feel we provide some of the best value in the business. In the cases of our bullion products or other government issued coins... if we can't offer the best price available, we have no reservations whatsoever to direct you to another dealer or broker (of repute) who can do better.

Precious metals is an extremely dynamic market, we'd rather help you find better value with another supplier than overpay buying from us. Of course, our hope is that when we have your desired product available and at the best price, you'd consider transacting with Art in Coins. :-)

Like what you've read and would like to try a dealer focused more on your ultimate satisfaction instead of profits? Come give Art in Coins a try, we are more than confident you will be thrilled with your experience.